Saturday, April 3, 2010

It Can Stop Snowing Now

Hello!? It's April! I'm ready for some sunshine and warm weather. The heavy coats have simply got to go. Only four more weeks left in this semester, then two weeks (gasp!) off before the summer semester gets underway. Whatever will I do with two whole weeks? Let's see...laundry, clean the fridge, make some freezer meals, work, get ready for the new semester...

It won't be all work and no play. We have one weekend slotted for a trip to Torrey - Capitol Reef National Park. I'm so looking forward to the mini-vacation. Our favorite place to stay is Austin's Chuckwagon Motel. They have these cute little 2 bedroom cabins with a sitting area and kitchen. It makes it easier to be a bit self-sufficient - a quick breakfast and pack lunches for our day hikes. Then we can either splurge and go out to eat at Cafe Diablo or just fire up the grill and throw on some steaks. Ahhh, can't wait.

So four more weeks to go, and with this carrot dangling out in front it shouldn't be too terrible to get through the rest of the semester. Five down...three to go.