Saturday, May 3, 2008


Mark asked me out on a date today - he sprung for tickets on the Frontrunner train, so we traveled up to Ogden for lunch and some window shopping.

He sprung for lunch, too - what a guy! This commuter rail just opened this past week and we both wanted to check it out. It's a pretty sweet ride. We ended up travelling with about 200 members of the "Red Hat Society" - they were almost as rambunctious as teenagers!

In Ogden, we walked from the hub to 25th street, a quaint section of town with various antique shops, cafes and clubs. We lunched at Peddler's, a fun little cafe with a bicycling theme. The tomato bisque was fabulous!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. Come back to our blog soon - we're going to have a little contest!



Melynn said...

Contest? We love contests.We'll be back.

It looks like we need to go check out the new transportation ourselves. Glad you had fun.

ty and megs said...

sounds like a fun date!
those red hat ladies kill me. i see them everywhere i go.