Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day and a Contest!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms! (And moms-to-be!) Here's my mom with her Mother's Day gift...a little scrapbook with factoids about our family:

The scrapbook was a fun project I put together with some friends last weekend - a nine hour scrapbooking marathon!

Okay, so time for a little contest! Do you know where this sculpture is located?

Whoever guesses the closest will win a set of handmade greeting cards with some fun extra goodies thrown in. If there is a tie, I'll do a random drawing to pick the winner. Just leave a comment with your guess (or email me if you want your guess to be private: and on Monday, May 19 I'll post the winner! Good luck! (Contest open to US residents only!)



Lara and Shawn said...

Lori- I had such fun learning to scrapbook, even for 9 hours! Thanks for sharing your supplies. I love hanging out with the Fab Four.

Becky said...

What fun and such a darling book! How about we get together for a family scrapbooking marathon? Serious.

Okay - do you know how many bronze pig pictures there are on the internet? So I'm going to say that this pig is guarding the Triad Center. Those stairs look very much like the ones I take to the BYU Salt Lake Center.

Fun contest.

Catherine said...

Ha! I figured it out Lori! Only took me about four hours of research (the laundry can wait).

The pig is located in.......

I'll send you an e-mail so I don't give the answer away.

Melynn said...

Hi Lori,

The scrap booking looks like a lot of fun.

I have no idea where that pig is. I guess i better get searching. I'll send you an e-mail.

Melynn said...

alright, I give up. I couldn't find it on the internet, but I think that it is located at the U of U. Am I close?

Amy said...

Hi Lori!

I think you should have used something in Nebraska! That way I could have won!!!

ty and megs said...

i too have had no luck researching that pig! i'm just going to guess--baltimore, md.

Debbie said...

Hi Lori, I sent you an e-mail regarding the location of the pig. It took me a while of googling, but I found it! You have a fun blog. Love looking at your pictures. Love the dinosaur card you made. Better get back to work. Deb Beam