Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I've been writing a paper for one of my classes (about what, you ask? A little bit about the shortage of primary care providers in the US and how expanding insurance coverage to everyone isn't going to do much good if there aren't any providers to see all the newly insured...but I digress). Anyway, so I've always been pretty good about proofreading, but sometimes you just miss an error, and only after you turn the paper in you see it in all its embarrassing glory. So, sometimes it's helpful to have someone else take a look at the paper. Get a fresh set of eyes on it. Sometimes, you don't even have to ask for help, it is just freely given.

Looks like she found an error...I better go fix it.


Catherine said...

Love it, Lori!

Ann Marie said...

That cat is a hoot! Maybe I can find a hypoallergenic dog to proof-read my papers for me.