Saturday, March 10, 2012

10 Things

10 Things on the 10th of March.

A list of any ten things I'd like to mention on my blog! And I get to link it up at Shimmel's blog

I thought I'd list my TEN favorite songs by one of my favorite bands, Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers. As I start thinking about this, I know I'm going to miss a great song by only listing ten! To make it easier, I will not include any Refreshments' songs. (I know, I know. How can you exclude Banditos, Mexico and Down Together from this list? Sigh.)  Here we go, with a few lyrics in italics:

1. Switchblade (Yeah dumb and drunk as I was you know I'd do it all again...)
2. Mexican Moonshine (I fell under the spell when I stumbled over the line...)
3. Love is the Road (This you already know...)
4. Better Beautiful Than Perfect (Life is grand, love is real, beauty is everywhere...)
5. Play On (Let's leave the judges standing slack-jawed on the lawn, play on...)
6. Wake Up Call (So special ops issued us flip flops, a guitar and a week or two...)
7. Contraband (That's how I make a lot of easy money, baby - the hard way...)
8. Tell Yer Momma (It's been hard to teach an old dog new tricks...)
9. Counterclockwise (The breeze is blowin' me a new perfume, giving my heart a little elbow room...)
10. All Over The Radio (Flyin' down the freeways, high above the airwaves, to rock and roll we'll always be true...)

All songs are from these albums:

No More Beautiful World
Unida Cantina

Honky Tonk Union

Sonoran Hope & Madness


Roger. Gotta love him. Check 'em out - fantastic songs with fantastic lyrics!


Julie J said...

This is lost in me i'm afraid, but some of those album covers made me think of The Men They Couldn't Hang and THe Pogues. Thanks for sharing your list.

Catherine said...

I love it! And yes, you'd have to leave out the Refreshments to make it a LITTLE bit easier. Love the lyrics you chose also.

Lori Passey said...

Julie: The Pogues! :) Haven't thought of that band in years! What a great Irish band! I'm going to have to go download "Sunnyside of the Street" right now.