Friday, March 9, 2012

What's for Dinner? A Goal for March

Mark and I have a goal this month: no going out to eat. Not that we eat out a lot, usually just Friday nights. But eating out can be expensive - so why not take a break? (I was going to say that eating out is usually unhealthy, which is true, but then I realized the quantity of butter I consumed tonight, so am leaving that part out in order to not sound like a hypocrite!) It can be a bit inconvenient, especially on the nights where we both work a bit later than usual, and are tired and hungry when we get home. We planned ahead, though, and had some homemade meals ready to go in the freezer. Tonight we had time to cook, and I just wanted to share this meal.  It comes up on our menu about once every other month. It's delicious and easy. And has a lot of butter.

Sole Meuniere and Wild Rice Cranberry Almond Salad: 

The fish recipe is from Bon Appetite, and can be found here. I usually cut back on the lemon juice, using about 3/4 of a tablespoon. I do not cut back on the butter. 

The wild rice recipe is from Simply Recipes, and can be found here. I don't care for pecans, so I substitute almonds.

Serve it up with a salad and some Pellegrino water, and it's a perfect meal! 

This weekend, I'm planning on posting about the way Mark and I plan our meals. It takes a bit of preparation and set-up, but then it's so simple and saves us a ton of time. And money at the grocery store. Stay tuned! 

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Catherine said...

Yum! Both recipes sound good - like something even I would like! I look forward to your post about meal planning.