Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hellooooo Number Nine!!

Okay, so the title of this post is an inside joke (in fact, it's so inside I'm the only one who gets it), but nonetheless, it's our ninth anniversary! Just thinking about our beach wedding on this cold, snowy day in Utah makes me long for a vacation (which is actually coming up sooner than some people might think! Shhh, don't tell - more to come!). But since we are in Utah, we celebrated with sushi at Takashi* and dessert at the New Yorker - and we enjoyed every minute of it!

Negril, Jamaica, 2003

Ten years, coming right up. Already planning that one!

* I love the great service at Takashi. We sit at the bar (yeah, our favorite local bar is a sushi bar) and almost always have the same sushi chef. He knows what I want and in what order, so I don't even have to ask. It's so nice to hear "would you like an Imagine roll next?". Yes, please! And seriously, we haven't been there since June. It's just awesome.


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