Friday, June 8, 2012


Yep, that's right. The big 4-0 happened over the weekend. I celebrated with a bike ride and sushi. How perfect is that?

I thought I'd post an update on my "39 Things Before I Turn 40" list. I accomplished some, completely ignored others, but all in all, I have to say it worked out! I did some things that I might not have otherwise.

1. Pass my NP boards (7/10/11)
2. Start a new job (7/18/11)
3. Visit Germany (June 19-26)
4. Start Spanish lessons - Rosetta Stone? Ugh. Just. Do. This. Pronto!
5. Do some volunteer work  Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (8/2011)
6. Take a photography class - didn't happen
7. Visit a high school friend - wasn't in the cards
8. Take up a new exercise…barre classes sound really fun played community rec basketball! (12/11-2/12)
9. Visit Yellowstone - didn't work out this year
10. Go on a backpacking trip (9/30-10/2/11)
11. Organize the storage closet (8/2011)
12. Make one new friend made a couple
13. Try a ballroom dance class
14. Frame my diplomas
15. Make a will - actually have this planned for June
16. Visit the Oregon coast - Have a trip planned for possibly this summer! yay!
17. Buy myself a bouquet of flowers - for no reason! Umm...sadly, didn't even do this! What a goofball!
18. Have professional portraits taken of me and Mark - not sure who to go to
19. Take a sewing class - did an online tutorial. Count it! (2/12)
20. Update one section of my wardrobe Updated my socks. Seriously. (3/12)
21. Throw a party - had a few dinner parties..does that count? Sure! (11/11, 12/11, 3/12, 3/12, 4/12)
22. Buy an “investment bag” (Thanks, Mark! 9/10/11)
23. Try dim sum In San Francisco, no less! (8/20/11)
24. Get ripped shoulders and arms - didn't even try
25. Buy a dress for everyday wear (and wear it)! (5/12 - see photo, above)
26. Learn to change a bike tire
27. 39 scrapbook layouts Think I only did 15 or so.
28. 39 cards - well, I made all my xmas cards, so that covers that! (12/11)
29. Watch a sunrise (4/12)
30. Watch a sunset (5/12)
31. Read the plays of Shakespeare Read one....gave up. Yawn...
32. Visit a state I’ve never set foot in (South Carolina! 5/12)
33. Go on a horseback ride
34. Take a gun safety class - got some info on it, though. 
35. Write and send 39 letters/postcards (not including xmas cards or email, of course). Not even one...
36. Buy a new desk chair - didn't do this, but I did fix my old one! 
37. Do 10 pull-ups (right now, I can't do a single one) - Didn't attempt. Still cannot do one. 
38. Go to tea at the Grand America
39. Celebrate all of this with a bottle of Dom Perignon on my 40th birthday! It was amazing!

This was quite fun. I think I'll make a list for next year. It might be hard to come up with 41 things, let alone attempt to accomplish all of them. I'll let you know!


Catherine L said...

Awesome! You did a great job on the list. I would love for you and Mark to get portraits. I get the kids done at MarDel. They have some really great ones they do outside the studio. Check 'em out.
Are you going to carry over the unfinished ones to this year or start a whole new list?

Jagonzo said...

Great job, Lori! I'm with Cathy on the portrait! I did one of the things on your list: tea @ the Grand America!

Ramona said...

Lookie who I found on the internet! Nice to see you are a scrapbooker too. Love reading your list. I should make one for 50 (cough, cough). I still have over 2 years to get them marked off!

Lori Passey said...

Some of things I will carry over, and some I might repeat. (I really liked celebrating the birthday with Dom!)Need to get my new list up soon, seeing as it's already July!