Sunday, July 1, 2012

40 Things Before I Turn 41

Last year I made a list of 39 things to do before I turned 40. I had fun with it. So I thought I would try it again. Some of these are repeats, some are one's I didn't get around to last time. Here's the list, in no particular order. And since I'm already a month into this cycle, I best get working on things!

1. Plan 6 date nights – not just “out to dinner”
2. Learn to style my hair. Seriously. Something besides straight or ponytail.
3. Make a will (in progress)
4. Girls’ weekend!
5. Learn six poems by heart
6. Go on a cruise
7. New paint in the condo
8. Begin to learn Spanish (I have the Fluenz CD course)
9. Go camping
10. Read one non-fiction book a month - any ideas?
11. Spend one weekend “unplugged”. No computer, TV, etc.
12. Have a professional portrait taken
13. Buy myself a bouquet of flowers
14. Choose a color palette for our condo
15. Tea at the Grand America
16. Update one section of my wardrobe
17. Go on a picnic
18. Have a homemade dinner by candlelight
19. Skate ski 10 times this season, snow permitting
20. Do one unassisted pull up
21. Make a new friend
22. Have Sunday brunch – six times
23. Throw a party
24. Attend a conference dealing with a hobby/craft
25. Make one new recipe a month
26. Take a gun safety class
27. Store seasonal items/clothes – and rotate!
28. Get a new pair of glasses
29. One Saturday a month: Coffee, cocoa and classical music with Mark
30. Make the storage unit a functional space
31. Work on the sewing project I started 12+ years ago
32. Continue work on the t-shirt quilt
33. Watch 25 of the American Film Institute’s “10 top 10” (ones that I haven’t already seen)
34. Take the canoe out!
35. Read (well, re-read) “The Odyssey”
36. Try a new hair style/color
37. Do something epic for Mark’s birthday
38. Read my professional journals
39. Give someone flowers
40. Celebrate the above with a bottle of fancy champagne

 What are you doing over the next 11 months?



Catherine L said...

Awesome! I love these lists that you make! Keep me posted on the progress - you could write a blog post each time you do one of the things. That'd be fun! I can't wait to see your t-shirt quilt (did I write that on last year's 40 b4 40 post?) :)
And what was the sewing project you started?

Jagonzo said...

Good list, Lori!! Have fun this year!

Lori Passey said...

The sewing project...oh boy. It's a cross-stitch baby blanket. It may have disintegrated by now, actually.

Jagonzo said...

Good poem and great music! Thanks for sharing. I do remember the blanket and it was what I was thinking of when you listed it! Enjoy!