Thursday, January 30, 2014

One Little Word: 2014 (part 2)

My last post introduced my One Little Word for 2014, "fitness", and why I chose that word. So far, I've had a great month living my word and getting my priorities front and center. I want to share now a bit more about how I'm doing this - how I'm going to get fit in all aspects of my life this year.

Reflecting on fitness, I find that I am already fit in many ways - maybe things aren't as bad they seem! Mark and I are financially fit...we have well defined and executed retirement/savings plans, no debt other than a mortgage, and a five year plan to pay off that mortgage. Honestly, this makes being able to focus on the other aspects of fitness so much easier. My emotional and social fitness are also strong, and I credit my relationship with Mark for that. I love it that he "gets" me and knows when to be supportive or encouraging or give me a reality check. And he knows when I most likely just need a snack. I also have a great core group of friends, and I know that my family is available whenever I need them. I think this makes a great foundation, but I'm looking to build up from here.

So, what do I intend to do to have more fitness this year? Because it won't just happen. Well, I intend to choose things that make me fit. It's all about choices. We all have them, and we all have to live with them.

  • I am going to place a renewed focus on expanding my knowledge base as a nurse practitioner. I kind of let this go after graduation - I was so burned out from school! And while I constantly am learning something new, I want to read more, study more, get more mentally fit. 
  • To improve my emotional fitness, I intend to exercise more patience, be more compassionate, share more of myself and let others feel more comfortable sharing with me. 
  • I intend to be more socially fit by getting out there more...take advantage of the vibrant downtown life were we are lucky to live - concerts, plays, sporting events... yes, please! 
  • I intend to nurture my spiritual fitness by engaging in things that inspire me, move me and bring me peace. To me, this means getting outside and experiencing nature, or listening to music - it's always amazed me how music has a way of lifting me up. 
  • To enhance my financial fitness, I intend to continue tracking all expenses. If you are not doing this, stop reading, set up an Excel spreadsheet, and start doing this. Now. Seriously. I will continue contributing to retirement and savings plans - automatic deductions, people. 
  • And last but not least, I intend to totally ramp up my physical fitness. I have started the year off right by eating well (protein and veggies), but will occasionally splurge, because chocolate is good for both spiritual and mental fitness! I intend to add more varied exercise, including cardio, strength and flexibility. I tend to just do cardio, but that is not optimal. I am signed up for a few events, including a triathlon, so I've got goals to work toward, which I find very motivating.

Spudman 2014

So there will be more of some things, less of others on my journey to fitness.

Junk food (sugar!)
Going through the motions
Social Butterfly

And away we go! I'm looking forward to adding more fitness to my life! Hope your 2014 is off to a great start!


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