Sunday, January 19, 2014

One Little Word: 2014

One Little Word (TM) is a tradition of choosing one word that you focus on, meditate on, embrace and welcome into your life during the year. The concept, created by Ali Edwards, allows you to reflect on your chosen word throughout the year and let it help you remain true to what you want to accomplish or change. In the past, I have chosen the word "bicycle", "best"; "refine", and "GTD -Getting Things Done". Each year, having a word that is held close to mind and heart has helped me reach some goals that I may not have otherwise attained. This year, I'm taking it to a new level! I've signed up for Ali's workshop, in which she helps guide the students through the process of keeping our words front and center in our lives. So far, it's been a great class, and I've enjoyed reading how others are choosing and using their words. This blog post encompasses some, not all, of the first assignment. It's long enough as it is. Really.

For 2014, I wanted a word that could be applied to many aspects of living. So the word I have chosen is "FITNESS". I am looking at the broad definition of this word as it applies to overall health - not just physical health, but mental, emotional, social, spiritual and financial fitness. I believe it's through a balance of these that we can strive for optimal health. I thought about choosing the word "balance", but I like the empowering feeling and strong imagery I get with the word "fitness".

Some thoughts on fitness:

Fitness defined:
The general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor; good health; soundness of body or mind; freedom from disease or ailment.

Synonyms: vigor, vitality, strength, health, fettle, kilter, repair, robustness, shape, trim, condition, order, bounce, bang, endurance, agility, capability, drive, dash, liveliness, zip, zing, muscle, motion, vim, competence, consistency, steadiness.

A Quote on Fitness:

“To be fit, truly fit, you must strive for balance within these [mental, spiritual, emotional, social, financial, physical fitness]. Too much, or too little of any one, or of several combinations of these aspects will leave you miserable and wanting. In other words, chasing perfection in physical fitness (or any of the other aspects of health) generally takes from other aspects. This leaves you unhealthy over-all.  Some of the least healthy people we know have perfect six-packs and incredible work capacity. Yet, their work lives, home lives, and spiritual lives suffer greatly. By the same regard, one who does not have adequate physical fitness cannot be truly fit either.”  - GPP Fitness

I Chose This Word Because…

               I find that I have settled into a routine that in some respects is not very satisfying or rewarding overall. Many things are solid…my relationship with my husband, my financial health, many aspects of my job, my home is comfortable and inviting, my friends are rock stars. But there are things that need more attention. Like my creative outlets, my continuing education for my work, my physical fitness and diet. Not one specific thing is totally in the toilet. I read an occasional journal article; I can run 6 miles. But I think I can do better. I know I can. I wanted a word that would apply to all aspects of health. And I found it! Fitness. Soundness of body and mind. Optimal health. I love it! It’s almost as if this word is giving me permission to take care of myself. I can give myself permission to spend time creating. It’s okay to take time to get outside and play. It's also okay to study or read a journal on a weekend or when I'm "supposed" to be relaxing. And exercising and eating well are clearly the right thing to do.

What Does Fitness Look Like?
  • Mental: Being sharp, focused, self-confident and affirming
  • Emotional: Being patient, appreciative, caring, trusting; sharing
  • Social: Listening, communicating, accepting, being trustworthy, involved; having a comfortable home that is welcoming and inviting; building solid friendships and family relationships; being involved in organizations (charities, etc).
  • Spiritual: Embracing what I find meaningful and inspiring, and things that bring me peace and joy - nature, music, creativity.
  • Financial: Maintaining long-term savings plans, paying off the mortgage, enjoying the occasional splurge. 
  • Physical: Gaining confidence; enjoying restful sleep; having knockout nourishment, endurance, flexibility, muscle, and energy.

My next post will address other aspects of fitness, such as what it feels like to be fit, what I want less or more of in 2014, and what my intentions are. 

Here's to working toward optimal fitness!


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Becky said...

Love your insight Lori. I'd say you're already a pretty fit person in so many ways. I look forward to hearing about your year of fitness. I'm sure I'll pick up some inspiration from you.