Thursday, September 29, 2011

Food Week: Day 5

Well, today's eating could only be described as crap-tastic. :)  Cafe Rio for lunch, McDonald's for dinner. Nice.

Breakfast: Oat bran muffin with butter and a protein shake (served in a very cool Joe Cool mug):

Lunch: Cafe Rio Pork Salad (I only at half of this gut bomb):

Dinner: Mark's choice: McDonald's. My choice at McDonald's: Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Medium fries, Diet Coke (Again, only had half of this meal). Man, the Diet Coke is gonna keep me up all night, too. Bad choices happen at McDonald's, that's for sure!

Still, overall, I kept the calories within my goal range. 

I'm going "off the grid" for a few nights, so I won't be posting for the next two days until Sunday or Monday. I'm sure they'll be exciting, though, because it will be camping/backpacking meals! Can you say "s'mores"?

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Becky said...

"Crap-tastic" - my new favorite word. Well I feel like a fat slug after viewing what you've eaten this week. But what an amazing approach to self-discipline. I've got my camera poised and I'm ready for some serious discipline myself. :) Glad you're back to blogging!